Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blah Blah Blog

I know, I know. I'm horrible. I say I'll come back later but then disappear for a month.

A mother never abandons her child so I shouldn't either.

I'm sorry.

After sneaking around the food blog community for a while, I've come to a conclusion: this bond we've (food fanatics) created is the next Twitter or Facebook.

Best of all, you won't need to report to your mom what you ate today.

"Dear Mom,

I've created a food blog! Please don't call me to ask me what I ate; just micromanage my food blog.


Your All-Grown Up Daughter"

Wait. This blog isn't a type of correspondence between you and your mom. It's correspondence with the world (if you don't set any restrictions).

Let's take this analysis a bit further.

Hi, I'm a reader.

I'm also human.

I like your daily Greek yogurt with muesli for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, and a huge plate of salad for dinner but I can almost predict your menu for the following day.

I'm a girl. I need JUICE.

Yup. That's right. Readers want to know about the person behind the daily blogging and photo shoots.

Bloggers don't seem to mind. This show-and-tell has become a blogger's outlet. Not only are we discussing food but also our daily lives and we want our readers to become immersed in our problems, fears, and dreams.

We've taken one step forward. Let's take one step back. Has it ever occurred to anyone that we don't know each other yet we talk everyday?

Like going on a blind date.

Yet, we put our faith in our readers. We inhale their suggestions, praises, and criticisms as if they have been our friends for years.

Without knowing, we've created a support system just like Caitlin's Operation Beautiful.

I'm ready to share my food. Are you?


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